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High Quality Installations
As the owner of a highly successful aerial and satellite installation company, I have come across hundreds of poorly installed systems over my 25 years. Having a Sky or Freesat dish fall from the roof or off a wall is not normally a major issue, it just costs the owner a hundred pounds or so to repair it. Unless it comes down on your or your neighbour's new BMW. A Starlink dish weighs almost 12 lbs or just over 5kg. That will cause a fair bit of damage if it lands on anything not to mention writing off over £400 worth of dish. It's taken me months to get my dish so I would not want to go back in the queue for a replacement.

A lot of Starlink customers will be able to install the Starlink dish by themselves placing it in the garden which is fine unless the cable gets cut by the lawn mower or garden hedge cutters which is something i have seen and repaired many hundreds of times in my 25 years. The major problem with Starlink is that the cable is a sealed entity coming from inside the dish and only has one end and is extremely difficult to repair. Another concern with placing the dish in the garden is theft or criminal damage

Our Solution
With our professional installs we ensure that the dish is simply not accessible for this to be a problem. For those customers in built up areas or have trees and other obstructions who cannot place it at ground level we offer a professional installation service whereby we either install galvanised brackets to the brickwork and a heavy duty mild steel pole which we have had fabricated especially to fit the starlink dish without the need for clamps that aerial companies use, this enables the dish to sit above the gutter and get 100% coverage or we can fit heavy duty fixings and put it on the chimney if required. We can find solutions to installing dishes that cannot be done in a standard way.

A major part of any dish installation is the running of the cable. Again, I have seen thousands of poorly run cables which are very unprofessional and run in a way that leads to damage. A good installation would normally leave the customer not being able to see where the cable has been run. I’ve seen many well installed tv aerials and satellite dishes which are then ruined with a dreadful cable run. The POA ( Point of Access ) is another reason to make sure of a proper installation. There are a number of ways and tricks to avoid serious damage to brickwork.

This one issue has been a huge annoyance to customers following installations of Sky dishes by Sky engineers who really don't care about drilling holes in customers houses. It takes very little time and effort to do a good job! Finally water ingress, there’s only one way to get a cable into a property without allowing water to get it. A small part of the installation but a big problem if not done correctly.

Installation costs to install a Starlink Dish

Installations cost from £200 depending on the type of install. At this moment in time we do not offer the ability to extend the cable any further than the 100ft that comes with the dish. Every Starlink installation we carry out is bespoke to us regardless as to the property being a housing association home or Buckingham Palace. Our engineers wear over boots in the house, they clean up the mess after drilling and we pick up our rubbish. We discuss and plan every install alongside the customer. It is your house and as the saying goes " two heads are better than one ". We will listen to and consider every bit of input the customer has. My ethos is a very professional service and customer satisfaction. Your invoice is emailed to you on completion of the installation along with a link to Trustpilot.

Types of installs we service
We install Starlink dishes in domestic homes, offices, warehouses, factories, shops, hospitals, dental surgeries, doctors surgeries, hotels, farms, military bases ( The two main owners of the company are ex military) static caravans, bed and breakfasts, schools and universities. And if its not on this list please get in touch as we would be more than happy to add another category.

Installation Pricing

Installations are completed within a single day and with minimal disruption to your daily routine.Installations normally take around 2 hours. Our engineers wear shoe coverings inside your property and clean up after the work is complete, including removal of any debris caused by drilling. We always discuss and plan every installation with each customer before any work commences to ensure there can be no missunderstandings throughout.

Update: Our engineers will wear face masks and maintain social distancing at all times whilst inside your property.
Please also help us to reduce unnecessary person-to-person contact.

Complete Installation

From £200

Our Complete Installation package for domestic properties will cost from £200 depending on the complexities of the installation.

Every Starlink installation we carry out is bespoke to us regardless as to the property being a housing association home or Buckingham Palace.

On completion of the work we will email you an invoice along with a link to review the installation on Trustpilot.

(Please Note: At this moment in time we do not offer the ability to extend the cable any further than the 100ft that comes with the dish).

Types of Properties

Our 25+ years experience installing a wide range of satellite dishes means we're equipped to work with a wide range of properties.

• Homes.

• Offices.

• Warehouses.

• Factories.

• Shops.

• Hospitals.

• Dental Surgeries.

• Doctors Surgeries.

• Hotels.

• Farms.

• Agricultural Buildings.

• Military Bases.

• Static Caravans.

• Bed & Breakfasts.

• Schools.

• Universities.